The Non-Contact Inline Glossmeter GlossFlash 6060

provides the gloss value directly at the point of origin, in coil coating, sheeting production or decorative construction elements of all types. The modular design of the GlossFlash 6060 also offers the user maximal flexibility in conjunction with the online color measurement systems made by X-Rite.


What are the benefits of using non-contact technology

  • Meet the standards: Objective and repeatable 60° gloss values in accordance with
    DIN 67530, ISO 2813, ASTM D 523
  • Immediate display of gloss deviations during the running process
  • Detection of gloss deviations at a very early stage in the production process gives
    one the opportunity to correct production parameters before the gloss runs out of
  • Non-destructive gloss control helps minimize costly manual sampling and
    preparation of samples
  • A report of the surface quality will be automatically generated and will document
    the quality of the entire production lot
  • The GlossFlash 6060 can be interfaced with the company host system and
    requires no specific actions on the part of the user
  • Color and Gloss at a Glance: The Gloss- Flash 6060 can be perfectly combined
    with the inline color measurement product line ERX50 or TeleFlash 445. Both are becoming
    essential tools in every coil coating application, plastic film production, as well as
    processing lines of decorative facade elements and claddings.


Short Term Repeatability - WhitedL*, da*, db* < 0.03
Measurement Geometrycoaxial
Measurement Time20 ms
Measurement Working Distance300 mm
Spectral Range330-730 nm
Spectral Resolution1 nm

Training und Support

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