ERX55 Transmission measurement for films and sheets

ERX55 inline measuring system for consistently high quality in the production of transparent films

Within the entire plastics industry supply chain, colour precision is becoming increasingly important. In the production of transparent films, color, light transmission and haze (the scattered portion of the transmitted light) play an extremely important role and must be constantly monitored. In addition, control of the UV protective layer can help to reduce waste of this costly material

Consistent color quality with transparent films

With X-Rite's inline system for transmission measurement of transparent films, operators can continuously monitor color quality and immediately correct even the smallest deviations.

The ESWin QC software is used to control the ERX55 spectrophotometer with ball geometry for non-contact color measurement. On the ESWin screen, the color data, correlated Haze and transmission values are displayed in the form of a trend diagram.

Advantages of the ERX55 for transmission measurements:

  • Thanks to the continuous color, transmission and haze measurement, the operating personnel can immediately correct even the smallest deviations.
  • The spectral range from 330 nm to 730 mm with an optical resolution of 1 nm ensures first-class measurement results.
  • For the optimal use of expensive coating materials, the effectiveness of the UV protective layer is increased for building materials such as PC boards.
  • Based on a spectral curve with precise data on reflection and transmission, adjustments can be made more easily.
  • For optimum reliability and availability of the device, external calibration is only required every 4 weeks.

The ultimate for the production of transparent films

Thanks to true dual-beam technology, the ERX55 offers excellent short-term stability. The external wavelength calibration guarantees the highest measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX55 is the ultimate in transparent film production color measurement and control