ERX54 color measurement ±15° on glass panels

ERX54 inline spectrophotometer for fast and precise non-contact color measurement on coated glass

The multi-layer silver coating of glass panes equips modern building fronts with additional functions. Low-e glass (heat insulation glass) or solar control glass is used worldwide to reduce the costs of heating or air conditioning in houses or other buildings. However, since the surface of the glass panes does not scatter, this is color measurement quite difficult.

Reflection and transmission measurement

The ERX54 illuminates the glass directly on the production machine at an angle of +15° and measures the reflected light at an angle of -15°. This measurement leads to the same results as in the laboratory with a sphere geometry measurement. The combination of two instruments allows reflection and transmission measurements from both sides of the glass pane.

When used with ESWin QC software, the ERX54 enables precise color matching to improve production quality and reduce scrap caused by color variations.

Advantages of the ERX54 colorimeter

  • Functional coatings for thermal or solar protection can be precisely measured and quantified to ensure consistency and optimal functionality.
  • For the highest possible quality, reflection and transmission measurements can be taken from both sides of the glass pane.
  • The spectral range from 330 nm to 730 mm with an optical resolution of 1 nm ensures first-class measurement results.
  • To ensure uniform measurement results throughout the workflow, the measurement data is matched to spectrophotometers with sphere geometry used in laboratory environments.
  • For optimum reliability and availability of the device, external calibration is only required every 4 weeks.

Ideal for non-scattering products

Thanks to true dual-beam technology, the ERX54 offers excellent short-term stability. The external wavelength calibration guarantees highest measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX54 is the ultimate in non-scattering product manufacturing color measurement and control.