ERX31 Automotive Interior

ERX31 laboratory colour measurement system for precise color measurement colour measurement in the automotive industry

For the laboratory in the automotive industry, precise and consistent color measurement results on a variety of materials and surfaces are simply essential.

The ERX31 spectrophotometer is ideal for applications where extremely precise color measurements are required. A wide variety of samples can be measured with ease - from buttons to control panels, including materials such as leather, plastic film, metal, textiles, carpets and many more.

Colour perception just like with the human eye

Thanks to its 45°:0° geometry, the ERX31 perceives colors very much like the human eye. This dual-beam spectrophotometer offers true spectral measurement resolution of 1 nm, excellent measurement accuracy and high long-term stability.

Since the ESWin QC software displays the colorimetric data in an easily understandable format, laboratory technicians can quickly process the measurement results and make any necessary changes.

Advantages of the ERX31 colorimeter

  • Thanks to the xenon light source, even critical colours can be measured with absolute precision and reliability on materials and samples that are difficult to measure.
  • The laboratory stand allows exact positioning on the sample. Measurements are triggered by simply pressing a measuring button, which is particularly advantageous when averaging several measured values.
  • An optional extension cable for the measuring head facilitates the measurement of large components such as instrument panels.
  • Ambient light has no influence on the accuracy of the measurement results.

Ideal for color measurements in the laboratory

Thanks to true dual-beam technology, the ERX31 has excellent short-term stability. The external wavelength calibration guarantees highest measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX31 colorimeter is the ultimate in objective color evaluation in automotive laboratory environments.