ERX145 for Coil Coating

Colour precision in variable coil coating environments

The ERX145 helps prevent costly color defects on production lines. This is especially true in coil coating environments where colors are changed frequently. Benefits of this automated, easy-to-use in-line quality assurance system include non-contact measurement, continuous reporting and standardized 45°/0° measurement geometry. It provides comparative data to standards or absolute measurement data for almost all materials and in the most demanding production environments.

color measurement of structured and glossy surfaces

A wide variety of materials can be considered, including textured, finely patterned and glossy surfaces as well as PVC, textiles, food pigments, films, glass and powder. Operators can monitor and correct color inline without taking samples and performing laboratory tests.

Advantages of the ERX145 Colorimeter

  •  Uninterrupted production thanks to inlinecolor measurement and color deviation detection for complete production series
  •  Non-contact, non-destructive color measurement with a measuring distance of 65 mmm without significant deviations between system and sample. The configuration is extremely flexible.
  •  Suitable for dusty environments and operations requiring explosion protection
  •  Comfortable operation and short reaction times through visual and acoustic warnings when a colour tolerance is exceeded
  •  Integrity within inline measurement programs through objective color evaluation according to international standards

color measurement without thermochromatic effects

With a measuring range of 30 mm diameter, the ERX145 is ideal for the detection of large areas, for example in the coil coating industry. When measuring hot materials, the data is converted to room temperature to eliminate thermochromatic effects.