ERX130 Color measurement with large distance

ERX130 - automatic inline color measurement gives early warning of color deviations

Color variations in production can be costly and result in scrap, rework and delays in market introduction. High-quality inline colorimeters display the necessary color data in real time to avoid costly production errors.

Industrial color measurement on a wide variety of materials

Designed to meet the requirements of many industrial applications, the ERX130 measures color on a wide variety of materials and is suitable for use in the most demanding environments. This automatic inline quality assurance system provides non-contact measurement and continuous reporting. It is easy to use and provides comparative data to specific standards or absolute colorimetric data.

When used with ESWin QC software, the ERX130 enables precise color matching to improve production quality and reduce scrap caused by color variations.

Advantages of the ERX130 colorimeter

  • Color measurement and evaluation of color deviations to enable
    corrections without interrupting production
  • Large (measuring) distance of 300 mm from the product to be measured
  • Large measuring spot (diameter) of 90 mm for good averaging of the measured surface
  • Measure a wide variety of materials, including textured, finely patterned and glossy surfaces and products such as vinyl, textiles, food, pigments, paints, plasters, films and bulk materials such as powder or sand
  • Optimum reliability and availability of the device through external calibration every 4 weeks

Colour measurement developed for industry

Thanks to real dual beam technology, the ERX130 offers excellent short term stability. The external wavelength calibration guarantees highest measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX130 inline colorimeter is the ultimate in objective color evaluation in a wide range of industrial applications.