ERX54 Color Measurement ±15° on Glass Panes

ERX54 Inline Non-Contact Spectrophotometer Makes Measuring Glass Fast, Accurate

Multiple silver layers on glass panes add functionality to architectural fronts and are state of the art in architectural design. Low-E glass or solar protection is used all over the world to reduce costs for heating or cooling houses or other structures. However, glass is a non-scattering product which makes it a challenge to measure.

Measure reflectance and transmission

With the ERX54, the glass is illuminated directly on the production machine at a 15° angle and measured at -15°. This measurement delivers the same readings as would be obtained in the laboratory with a sphere geometry measurement. If two instruments are combined, both reflectance and transmission can be measured from both sides of the pane.

When used with ESWin QC software, the ERX54 enables accurate color adjustments that improve manufacturing output and reduce waste due to color drift.

Special Benefits of the ERX54 Color Measurement Device

  • Functional layers such as low-E or solar protection can be accurately measured and quantified for consistency and optimum functionality.
  • Reflectance can be measured from both sides of the glass pane as well as transmission to ensure the highest quality.
  • A spectral range from 330 nm to 730 nm with 1 nm optical resolution delivers best-in-class measurement results.
  • Measurement data aligns with sphere spectrophotometers used in the laboratory environment for consistency across the workflow.
  • External calibration is only necessary every 4 weeks for maximum instrument uptime.

Best Device for non-scattering products

The ERX54 delivers excellent short-term stability due to its use of real dual beam measurement, and its automatic wavelength calibration ensures exceptional measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX54 is the must-have color measurement instrument for measuring and controlling color in the manufacture of non-scattering products.