ERX31 Automotive Interior

ERX31 Color Measurement Brings Better Color Control to Automotive Laboratories

The ability to accurately and consistently measure color across a wide range of materials is critical in the automotive laboratory environment.

The ERX31 spectrophotometer is well suited for applications where extreme precision and high resolution color measurement are needed. This includes the ability to measure everything from buttons to panels including leather, plastic foils, metal, textiles, carpet and more.

View color like the human eye

With its 45°:0° measurement geometry, the ERX31 views color in much the same way as the human eye. Its dual built-in spectrophotomers deliver true 1 nm spectral measurement resolution, excellent measurement accuracy and long-term stability.

ESWin QC software displays color measurement data in an easy-to-understand trending format that allows laboratory technicians to quickly process measurement results and adjust as necessary.

Special Benefits of the ERX31 Color Measurement Device

  • Precise spectral color measurement. Even critical colors on difficult-to-measure materials can be measured with confidence with Xenon flash technology.
  • Its laboratory stand enables exact positioning on samples.
  • Triggering the measurement is easy using a measurement button that is especially useful in averaging multiple measurements.
  • An optional extended cable for the measurement head makes the ERX31 portable for measuring large components such as instrument panels.
  • Ambient lighting has no influence of the accuracy of measurement results.

Laboratory Color Measurment in the Automotive Industry

The ERX31 delivers excellent short-term stability due to its use of real dual beam measurement, and its automatic wavelength calibration ensures exceptional measurement accuracy and long-term stability. The ERX31 is the must-have color measurement instrument that enables objective color assessment in the automotive laboratory.