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Color Science

The color Theory

Learn more about light types, color systems and the influence of optical brighteners



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    "Previous one takes 30 to 50 minutes To set the right color values in the fabric With the new technology, we only need 15-20 minutes. By inline color measurement, we saved on sampling and measuring in the lab, saving a lot of time and additional labor. The operators can focus on the other tasks, such as the addition of fillers and / or chemicals. "
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    "After commissioning, the expected benefits were quickly revealed:
    Reduction of the changeover committee by 25-50%. But even the most thorough preparatory work could not replace a certain trust in the know-how of X-Rite, as we know today, when the project was awarded. "
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    "One year after the installation, the results were generally very good, even better than expected, and the cost of the metering system was quickly saved by reducing the scrap and the associated costs. The X-Rite system for continuous color measurement in the machine is important for any paper mill that has chosen the concept of quality certification according to ISO standards. I am convinced that this is an inevitable step into the future. "
    Ing. Paolo Pagani
    3P s.r.l. Paper Production Promotion Italien
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