• 1979erx30-messgerät

    Foundation of the Electro Optic Group at Johne & Reilhofer by Dr. Gerhard Rösler. Johne & Reilhofer was mainly producing telemetry transmitters.
  • 1981erx30-messgerät

    The first spectrophotometer ER10 was produced. This instrument has had a 45°:0° geometry and was developed as a moveable color measurement system used in the laboratory or in the field. The outstanding feature was the real 1 nm optical resolution of both spectral analysers.
  • 1985erx30-messgerät

    The ER10 was modified to measure Inline directly in the process. Many customers discovered the advantages of the Inline measurement and established the guideline for the future of the group.
  • 1987erx30-messgerät

    A new spectrophotometer was introduced in the market. The ER50 with a 45°:0° geometry was first developed for the laboratory, and it had a much better performance.
  • 1988erx30-messgerät

    The logical consequence of the product range was the modification of the ER50 to a real Inline instrument ER50PA. The automatic calibration right in the process was just one of the highlights of the instrument.
  • 1989

    The new product of the ER50 family was the ER50PAF. With this instrument the optical brightener of white products can be measured. The base whiteness as well as the whiteness including optical brightener can be measured separately.
  • 1989

    The Electro Optic Group from Johne & Reilhofer was separated and became a sister to the American Macbeth company under the holding of Kollmorgen Instruments Ltd. The new name of the German Inline Team was Kollmorgen Instruments GmbH. In the same year the ER51 was developed. This was the first Gonio Spectrophotometer in the world to measure metallic paints and other effect coatings with 12 different angles – again with 1 nm optical resolution.
  • 1990erx30-messgerät

    The ER53, a d:8° geometry instrument was developed. This instrument is just used in the laboratory, because a d:8° geometry has to touch the product during the measurement. Fro this reason it can not be used directly in the machine.
  • 1992

    A new Spectrophotometer was developed for the glass coating industry. The ER54PA is also an Inline instrument which measures the direct reflectance on glass panes in +15°:-15°.
  • 1997

    The new software ESWin is substituting the old DOS based Software. This gives new possibilities in handling and display of color measurement data.
  • 1997

    The American Macbeth company and the German Kollmorgen Instruments GmbH are merging with the Swiss Gretag company based in Regensdorf. The new Headquarter is in Switzerland, the company is registered at the Swiss Stock Exchange with the name X-Rite.
  • 1998

    The first Closed Loop Color Control system is installed in Norway. A shade change is now as easy as clicking a button on the computer.
  • 2000

    A new instrument was developed for transparent plastic films and panes. The ER55PA is measuring not only color but also Haze, Light Transmission and the UV-cap layer.
  • 2002

    The color of multilayer coated glass panes is changing by the viewing angle. Therefore, the ER56PA was developed. This spectrophotometer measures not only with +15°:-15°, but also +60°:-60°. It ensures the right color at any viewing conditions.
  • 2006

    A low cost version for the pulp measurement was developed. The ER40WF can be used to measure whiteness and brightness in the pulp. The optical brightener can be separated and an analogue output can be used for the bleaching control in the DIP manufacturing process.
  • 2006

    X-Rite was acquired by X-Rite, an American company which produces mainly portable instruments for the automotive and printing industry. After few months, the former X-Rite CEO Tom Vacchiano became the CEO of the “New X-Rite” company.
  • 2007

    The movable filter of the ER50PAF was replaced by a mathematical function. This is not only easier to use, but gives also much more stable measurements.
  • 2007

    The first new sensor ERX50 was shipped to USA. This instrument substitutes the ER50PA and ER50PAF instruments. The 45°:0° geometry has again a real optical 1 nm resolution; based on new technology. It is much more stable and easier to service.
  • 2008

    To get the instrument off the running machine, a new frame EFX was developed.
  • 2009

    To complete our systems in the paper industry, we introduced the ERX30 as a laboratory measurement system. This combines many advantages: 45°:0° geometry with calibrated UV content. It is used in the paper industry as well as for the measurement of high visibility clothing as in EN 471
  • 2010

    Integration of the color measurement part of Optronik Berlin into the Munich Inline Color Solution group. Now Martinsried near Munich is the worldwide competence center for Inline color measurement within X-Rite.
  • 2011

    The ERX130 measures color with a distance of 300 mm (11.8 inch) distance to the product and a 90 mm (3.5 inch) measurement aperture. The coaxial geometry is used mainly in the plastic pellets industry as well as for the measurement of carpets. Due to the large measurement aperture there are a lot of new possibilities in many other industries.
  • 2012

    Danaher is taking over X-Rite. Now we belong to a 16 billion $ company.
  • 2012

    The German X-Rite GmbH is renamed to X-Rite GmbH.
  • 2012

    The ERS56IR is introduced to the glass market. It measures the color spectral radiation of coated glass panes from 330 nm to 1000 nm with 1 nm optical resolution. With one flash 3 geometries are measured simultaneously: +15°:-15°, +45°:-45°, +60°:-60°
  • 2012

    At December 21st, Dr. Gerhard Rösler passed away after a short but heavy illness. We will miss a great leader, the patriarch of his team, a great mind and a wonderful and strongly opinionated discussion partner. Michael Saeger takes over the leadership of the Inline Team.
  • 2013

    New development of the ERX31 on the basis of the proven ER50 laboratory measuring instrument. This measuring instrument is primarily used in the Mercedes Group, because its extremely tight tolerances of the automotive industry and extremely good long-term stability as well good device conformity.
  • 2014

    New development of the ERX55 for the measurement of transparent foils and plates. This device determinate the light transmission (LT, VLT), the haze and the effectiveness of the applied UV absorber.
  • 2018fraunhoferstraße11b

    Moving to the building Fraunhoferstraße 11b with larger and newly renovated workrooms.