For transparent films, both color and haze are extremely important. Some parameters in the process can influence both. In order to produce good quality, it is very important for the operators to control permanently the color and the haze. Being enabled to detect even a slight change, the operators can react quickly and avoid producing waste.

Especially in building materials (like PC sheets) a UV-protection layer is coated on top of the sheet. This protective layer is expensive. It has to be thick enough to protect the sheet, but thin enough to avoid adding unnecessary cost. Controlling this layer can save a tremendous amount of money, resulting in a rapid ROI.

The measurement results are:

  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Yellowness
  • Correlated Haze
  • Efficiency of the UV-layer

The spectrophotometer ERX55 is mounted with a C-frame and a linear track on the production machine. During calibration and when there is no material on the machine the C-frame automatically moves out of the machine. This makes the feed up of the new material easy. As soon as there is new material on the machine, the frame will move back to the measurement position. The measurement starts automatically.

Both software packages ES15Win and ES18Win control the instrument, the measurements and the movement of the linear track. The color values, Correlated Haze and Light Transmission are displayed on the screen as a trend diagram. This helps the operators to run the machine more easily.