Color Measurement After Press Section for Laminated Paper

The measurement between the press and the drying section provides a very good correlation
to the laboratory measurements of the laminated products. This is particularly important in
the production of laminated paper which requires compliance to very tight tolerances.

The wet-end measurement helps to decrease the transition time, providing the operator with an immediate color measurement result. This eliminates the need to wait until a sample is laminated on wood and measured in the laboratory. Most importantly, the color can be monitored continuously during production. Even small changes can be seen immediately, enabling the operator to fix the problem before the paper is out of specification.

During machine stop and paper break the customized frame (EFX) will lift the instrument off the web. As soon as there is paper on the machine, the instrument will automatically go back into measaurement position and start the measurement again.

ESWin Software

The quality control software (ES15Win and ES18Win) control the instrument. The measurements will be displayed as a trend diagram.
Colored bars will show the deviation of the produced paper to the standard. At one glance the operators will see, if the paper is too light or too dark,
too red or too green, too yellow or too blue.

The system can typically be set up completely in about 1 day and only requires production to be shut down for about one hour.