Color Measurement in the Paper Industry

Before reel up

The finished product is measured before reel up. The measurements have a very good correlation to the laboratory values. Deviations from the target can be automatically controlled by a Closed Loop Color Control. The amount of colorants will be adjusted automatically. Shorter transition times, less waste and lower dyeing costs will guarantee a fast return of investment.

After press section

Measuring after the press section gives optimal results for laminated papers. The wet paper looks very similar to the laminated samples from the laboratory. Operators can quickly see changes in the process and take corrective action, if necessary..

Pulp measurement

The measurement of pulp provides the very first information about the color, even before the pulp is on the machine. A change in the raw material or in the dyeing process can be monitored continuously. A difference to the target can be detected and adjusted by the operator immediately. (more).

Laboratory Measurement

The only instrument available for the laboratory with 45°:0° geometry including adjustable UV-radiation for the measurement of optical brightening agent. This ensures a straight forward measurement especially for the printing paper manufacturers: The Inline measurement as well as the laboratory at the paper mill as well as the printing customer are using the same measurement geometry. Therefore the measurement results will be identical. Customers and suppliers will talk the same "color language"!