Coated Glass with ERX56 [15°|45°|60°]

Inline color measurement on coated glass with ERX56 15°, 45° und 60°

The Inline color measurement system ERX56 is a non-contact spectrophotometer to measure the production of non-scattering samples like glass panes directly on the coating machine. Functional layers like low-e or solar protection can be measured and quantified with three different measurement angles. Beside the color values, the spectral reflectance is measured and displayed. The measurement starts at 330 nm up to 1000 nm for all three angles. This will provide detailed information about the reflectance and allows calculating with a coating layer design software. All three angels are measured simultaneously. The angle measurements simulate an observer at a large distance to the building (±15°), medium distance (±45°) or very close to the building and looking into the reflected sky (±60°). A very quick measurement frequency allows to control even jumbo panes when mounted on a traversing beam. A wide range of thickness variations are measured correctly without any manual adjustment. In the laboratory even double-glazed windows can be measured up to 20 mm thickness.
The ERX56 illuminates the pane with +15°, +45° and +60°. three sensors collect the light at -15°, -45° and -60° and guides the light to the high resolution spectrophotometer. Functional layers like solar protection or low-e glass can be measured and controlled even at different angles. The special optical design allows distance variations to the glass surface of up to 20 mm in he laboratory or 18 mm Inline without any mechanical adjustments. The measurements are transmitted via CAN bus interface to the computer.