Color Measurement on Coated Glass with ERX54 [15°]

The Inline color measurement system ERX54 is a non-contact spectrophotometer to measure the production of non-scattering samples like glass panes directly on the production machine. Functional layers like low-E or solar protection can be measured and quantified. Beside the color values, the spectral curve, measured and displayed from 330 nm up to 730 nm will provide detailed information about the reflectance. Optionally the transmission can also be measured.

The ERX54 illuminates the pane with +15° and measures the reflected light at -15°. This ensures the same readings on the production machine as in the laboratory. Functional layers like solar protection or low-E glass can be measured and controlled. The special optical design allows distance variations to the glass surface of up to 30 mm without any mechanical adjustments.

A new design allows much faster measurements. These measurements are transmitted via CAN-Bus to the computer. Optionally a second ERX54 can be mounted on the other side of the pane. This allows a reflectance measurement from both sides and the transmission measurement.