Color measurement in the coil coating industry

The ERX145 System eliminates costly production line color errors. This automated inline quality control system provides non-contact measurement and continuous reporting. Easy to operate, the system works on virtually any material and in the harshest production environments to offer comparisons to specific standards or absolute measurements.

Product Features:

  • Inline color measurement and evaluation of color deviation allows complete coverage of product run without stopping production
  • Works with network connection or serial interface to support a network of computers and provide automated control of all operations, including calibration
  • Measures a full range of materials, such as textured, finely patterned, glossy and matt
  • Non-contact operation eliminates risk of damage and waste
  • Visual graphics and acoustic alerts indicate when color tolerance is exceeded
  • Complete documentation of color quality records and stores for later evaluation
  • Objective evaluation according to accepted international standards ensures integrity of online measurement program