Carpet production

color measurement in the carpet production

Contactless color measurement: ERX130:

This system provides continuous color measurement and quality reports. Automatic calibration during production ensures reliable measurement results, even in difficult environments. The system works not only as a stand-alone unit, but also as a traversing system for measuring left - centre - right. Colour deviations can be detected and displayed both in machine direction and cross direction to prove the quality of the produced fabric. Production batches can be evaluated and divided into different categories to ensure consistent quality within a delivery.

The measurement can optionally be equipped with a non-contact Infratot thermometer for 0 - 100°C. Thermochromic effects due to fluctuating production temperatures are calculated back to laboratory conditions.

Product specification:

  • coaxial measurement geometry
  • Short term repeatability : ≤ 0,1
  • ΔE cmc (2:1) for 12 colour tiles (BCRA)
  • Long term repeatability: ≤ 0.20 ΔE cmc (2:1) for 12 colour tiles (BCRA)
  • Device agreement: ≤ 0.30 ΔE cmc (2:1)
  • Measuring distance: 300 mm,
  • Measuring field: 70 mm diameter