Color Measurement Before Reel Up

On-Line Paper Measurement: Before Reel Up

This provides continuous non-contact color measurement on the machine. The color, opacity and the content of FWA on white or colored paper and board can be measured. The finished paper is measured right before the reel up, ensuring that On-Line measurements have a very good correlation to the results from the laboratory. The instrument is made for rough environments. Ambient light, velocity and flutter of the web have no influence on the measuring result.

Color measurement before reel upClosed Loop Color Control

An automatic Closed Loop Color Control (CLCC) system keeps the color constant. Even shade changes can be done automatically. This helps the operators to:

  • Have 100 % control during the production
  • Shorten transition times
  • Avoid waste
  • Save dyes or FWA

Advantages of GretagMacbeth On-line systems:

  • GretagMacbeth offers complete turn-key solutions
  • Installation of a Closed Loop Color Control system is completed in 3 days
  • Machine shutdown during installation is typically only 1 hour
  • Very low cost of ownership
  • Fast ROI (typically 3 to 9 months)

Color measurement in the paper industrySpectrophotometers

The color sensor is mounted just before reel up. ERX50 is used for colored and white paper.OBA can be seperated.

During machine stop and paper break the customized frame (EFX) will lift the instrument off the web. As soon as there is paper on the machine, the instrument will automatically go back into measaurement position and start the measurement again.

Quality Control

The quality control software (ES15Win and ES18Win) control the instrument. The measurements will be displayed as a trend diagram.
Colored bars will show the deviation of the produced paper to the standard. At one glance the operators will see, if the paper is too light or too dark, too red or too green, too yellow or too blue.

Closed Loop Color Control

The Closed Loop Color Control software (ES19Win) controls up to three dyes plus OBA. This helps to produce constant quality although  the color of the raw material is changing. Even color changes can be made in automatic mode. This decreases the work load of the operators during the grade change period to have more time to set up all the other parameters during this period.

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Overview Paper ERX50 Applications in the paper industry
EFX Frame Measurement frame for the ERX50
EP19X Control Pump control unit
E-P4X Pumps Piston stroke pumps for dye dosage
ES15Win Basic software
ES18Win On-Line Software for Trend Measurement
ES19Win Closed Loop Color Control
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Oliver Csirits
Technical Director, Mondi
Raubling, Germany

"With such an increase in production the customer simply has to be satisfied, and the investment into the on-line color management is fully justified."
"The exact color control (online) makes for precisely meeting the predefined L*, a*, b* values. ΔE* values of 0.1 to 0.2 are realized."
"Little maintenance effort required."

Udo Habnit
Technology/Quality insurance, Arctic Paper
Mochenwangen, Germany

"Since we started using the On-Line Closed Loop Color Control from GretagMacbeth we have no more complaints about color from our customers.”

Michael Fürster
Lenzing Papier
Lenzing, Austria

"In the olden days they needed between 30 and 50 min. to get the necessary colorimetrical results in the furbish. With the new technology 15-20 min. are sufficient."
" The colorimeter has done away the sampling and lab measuring which took time and effort. The operator can now concentrate on other jobs like controlling the input of fillers and/or chemicals."

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Kaltenegger
Plant Manager LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH
Schrobenhausen, Germany

"After start-up of the system the advantages that had been expected were realized soon:
1.Reduction of waste during grade change by 25 to 50%
2. ..."
"However, no matter how intense and wide ranging the preparation for this project, it could not replace a certain – and as we know today, well justified – trust in the know-how of GretagMacbeth."

Ing. Paolo Pagani
3P s.r.l. Paper Production Promotion

"One Year after the installation the results are very positive, better than everyone expected. The return on investment was calculated by the reduction of waste only, and paid off immediately."
"Personally I believe that for every paper mill, which follows the concept of the ISO certification a system for continuous color control by GretagMacbeth is an inevitable step into the future."