Color Measurement in the Automotive Industry

CarFlash for effect coatings (metallic paint)CarFlash mounted on a robot

On-Line Multiangle Spectrophotometer to be used with industrial robot systems.

CarFlash was developed specifically to serve the needs of the automotive industry: CarFlash is a multi-angle spectrophotometer with an integrated orange peel and surface temperature control. The non-contact device will work automatically with industrial robot systems.

Due to customers' increased quality demands and increased environmental requirements for paintwork and varnishing processes as well as the need to serve new types of color effects the technologies for quality assurance and process control have significantly gained importance.

CarFlash spectrophotometer in the production lineThe use of variable chassis materials combined with decentralized production and a continuing trend towards painted add-on modules require an efficient way to ensure close color tolerances in production and assembly line.

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CarFlash Color measurement for effect coatings (metallic’s) in the automotive industry